Ottilie Louise von Tonn

Date of Birth: 1. Aug. 1908
Birth Place: Bonn, Deutschland

“Tillie” was the youngest of three and spent her childhood in Bonn. Her father Fritz Erich was a Junkers landowner, her mother Almeda was a minor aristocrat, both were from East Prussia. Eldest brother Caption Fritz Erich von Tonn was in the 6th Panzer Division and killed in France in 1940. Her other older brother, Waldo Erich von Tonn, was a pilot and was shot down over the desert at the Battle of El Alamein. Her family was politically active and were staunch anti-communists. Tillie left home and started a singing career and travelled throughout Europe. While working in a Berlin Cabaret she was discovered and made 2 movies during 1939. She joined the National Socialist Women’s Organization Frauenschaft and after losing both her brothers in 1940, she left her acting career to serve her country and volunteered as a Nurse for the Red Cross.

Highest promotion in 30.1.1944 was Oberwachtfuhrerin. Performed medical duties on the Eastern Front and at the Battle of the Bulge. Her parents were killed by advancing Allied troops in 1945. With her immediate family gone she immigrated to Galveston, Texas at the end of the war. She moved to Dallas in 1950 and created Southwest Sports Inc. and became the only female boxing and wrestling promoter of the day.

Karoline Bachmeier

Born 10. Dec, 1920
Birthplace- Hannover Germany

Mr. and Mrs Bachmeier were pig farmers in Hannover with a reputation for having the best Schinkenspeck (smoked bacon) in the area. They rasied two sons and a daughter and were killed in 1925 during a storm.

Abeland, the oldest son, finished rasing the two younger children. Both brothers were active in the Hilter Youth. Abeland joined the SS in 1940 and then following him was the youngest of the boys Achmad. The eldest brother was killed by the French resistance close to Paris in 1941. The youngest was injuried 3 times on the Eastern Front and was listed as missing in action at the Battle of Kursk.

“Kate” went on to complete gymnasium then college in Berlin, Germany . Volunterred for the Red Cross in 1940 and was sent to Bergen, Norway for 14 months. Was promoted to Haupthelferin while in Diijon France.

Died in Diijon France in 1945 when a direct hit from a Allied bomb hit the ambluance Kate was driving.

Maira Weschler

Maira Weschler
Date of Birth: 1. July 1917
Birth Place: Hollenberg Austria

On 1 July 1917 in Hollenberg, Austria, Mr. and Mrs. Wechsler gave birth to their first child, a little girl they called Maira. Maira became one of four children. Her being the oldest and only girl followed by her three younger brothers: Deiter Wechsler, Zelig Wechsler, and Kellen Wechsler. Her father Lutz was a factory worker and her mother Winifrid stayed home and cared for the kids. Maira decided to continue to live in Hollenberg with her family until 1935. In the year 1935 she moved to Vienna, Austria and attended The University of Vienna to study philosophy and medicine. While studying at the University she met a young fellow by the name Eugen Forrester, and they began courting. When the war broke out Eugen, Deiter, and Zelig joined the wehrmacht and Maira moved back home to Hollenberg to be with her mother, father, and youngest brother. In 1940 Maira decided to put her medical education to use and volunteer as a Nurse for the Red Cross.